Friday, April 30, 2010

Movies, Money and More.

This will be a short post. I'll try and write down what happened since the Sikkim tour in the last week of March, till now, the last day of April. The first thing I had to do, after coming back from Sikkim, was to go to Durgapur. To give away the things I'd bought, and to replenish my "walking bank". I did, after a week, because my brother had his exams till the 5th/6th... Anshul came back from his "vacation", and the only place whose name he could recall, was Lachung. He still believes I'd seen him there. I enjoy teaching him. Mehan's Mum had said she'd call me when they'd return to Kolkata. She never did. Nor did I. The money that I wasn't paid, didn't matter. Anshul was keeping me occupied enough. I had a funny, yet sad experience while returning from Durgapur. I left the bag on the bus on which I was initially supposed to travel. Blame my need to smoke, or my mother's SMS asking me to have some food, but it's me and my careless, err....carefree behavior, that did it. I came back to Kolkata on the next bus, recovered my bag from the SBSTC Bus Depot. The 15 Thousand bucks that I was carrying, were halved, as I realised a few days later, when I went to buy a camcorder. The camcorder, however, despite having rendered me penniless for a long time to come, gave me some inspirational energy-and-joy packs, for a few days. I watched only two movies on the big screen this month. The Japanese Wife, and Up In The Air. Both were good, from every point of view. Rahul Bose, and George Clooney, failed to capture my admiration, though. Both movies had un-criticisable direction. My cousin Picco came up with some ideas. Sayak too. Even Dad, after his initial rebukes for the unnecessary expenditure, gave ideas. Spent a lot of time with Disha this month, helping her with her project on Alzheimers' Disease. Learning is fun, always. Bad dreams returned this month; they had stopped mid-January, after my Delhi-trip. I still have bad dreams every time I go to sleep. I got to know Anshul's mother even more. His entire family, in fact. It was good for me. Anshul's filling the void that was created in December. In terms of time, money, thoughts, and more. Everyone appreciates it. I'm skeptic, though, as usual. Not much happened in my first family. Adit Aunty and Dadabhai had a fight three weeks ago, that's still not resolved. It was nasty. Both hate each other, officially, and publicly, now. Love? I've given up on it. I've got to be satisfied with occasional crushes. The big picture is sill un-changed. Bad dreams are bad, sometimes, because they show reality, and other times, because they don't show reality. Either way, it's my life, and it's depressing. The only way to survive it, is to leave my body, wander like a soul, on the streets of Kolkata, after the city has gone to bed. Yes, night-walking, that's new thing I've started. It's good in summer. :)

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