Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thinking Aloud.

This is what follows, once I've started.

History repeats itself.
Not necessarily.
But the machine always flunks.
When it becomes necessary.

Rhymes, I'm bored of
Statistics, mundane
Truth, sans absolution
Makes things meaningless.

The adventure must go on.
Since that's the rule, they say
But rules, who is fond of?
Brains with no matter gray.

Design the divine
Praise the pristine
Define the line
Keep track of time.

The days roll out
Drop by drop
And all we do is
Talk and talk.

The trouble with us, is
We think we are wise
And every mocking moment
Makes us pay the price.

Confidence? No complaints.
We were talking of paints
Or were we just pretending
To cover the time we're killing?

Oh, forgive my brain, my heart
It's burden plays no part
Gibberish is tax-free
Greatness, temporary.

Yet, I contradict
Evolve, a better word
Fickle, a worse one,
Where is the third?

Is that the waiting crowd?
Ask them to wait for me.
Till my conscience proud
Allows me to to be

What I do not want,
And what I claim to hate
Till I've set the records
"Normal" and "straight".

1 comment:

  1. This was EXCELLENT!! I had to reread it once so that I could enjoy the play with words and ideas here.
    Cheers, Jenn.