Sunday, March 6, 2011


Lost and found, and lost again;
My eyes on the hunt,
Despite the strain,
Dissolving the old edges again,
I extinguish my silence.

Rock, thou shalt weather too!
But first, un-learn
A thing or two.

A finger nudges.
"Do you love me?"
"Do you trust me?"
"Do you want to leave me?"
"You're lying to me. I don't like liars."
He leaves.

I wanted it. I did it. Now, you have the rest of the day to find out if I was right or wrong.
I wanted it. I did not do it. Now, you think I was wrong.
I didn't want it. I did it. Now, you think I was right.

A walk across the yawning valley.
A part of me, left behind.
A ride across the waves of men.
I get back what is mine.

Buzz. Buzz. 
Right then, you know, I looked at my palms.
They showed me a world, I held all the while.
Enclosed tight.
In fear of your light.
In one second, all the melodrama that enfolds, 
Takes its toll, one night a time.
Good morning, my Night.

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