Friday, July 9, 2010


When I was a kid, and I had first seen the Bengali actor Sabyasachi Chakraborty, I remember praying to God (I wasn't an atheist then) that I should never have pox.
I am glad, that the only disease I ever prayed against, did happen to me.
Right before my exams were about to end.
Ruining everything.
I am glad.
I wanted it, I got it. As usual.
Now, with one must-watch movie after another being released in the Kolkata theatres, I am home-prisoned.
My foster parents will be going to watch Inception sso. Inception, the movie that I had told them about. Christopher Nolan, my favorite director, at that.
Imagine my frustration. That's all the more a reason for me to be glad. A disease, with all the side-effects, social, and personal. I love it.
I'll be doing a lot of reading during this time, I hope.
I have a short story book going on right now.
Then I'll finish with the leftover of The Winner Stands Alone.
Then, I'll read Lolita.
That should be enough. I don't want to crowd my mind with too many thoughts, lest each of them get less importance. I'll not rush books. I'll read them.
Movies, I have a lot here, on my computer, on DVDs, I will start and finish watching Ingmar Bergman this month. Once again, I won't burden my brain with three movies a day, like I used to do. Because I won't be watching horror, action or comedy.
I'm actually, looking forward to my pox-inflicted-home-prisonment.
I'll miss a lot of things, that I could do if I was capable of going outdoors.
Taking Shreeja to have the best fuchkas in Kolkata, watching all the long-awaiated movies, on the big screen, Anshul, bi-cycle trips to new places, the promised trip -to Goa, the to-be-resumed-night-walks with Picco, and lots.
But isn't the de-planning part of the experience? I am glad, I'll miss out on things because of pox.
I am glad.

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  1. Be glad..relax..enjoy the time life has thought you needed..a glad