Friday, July 30, 2010

Torn Apart

He built the barricade very carefully. Patiently, over the years, he built it, brick by brick, choosing each, very carefully.
I'll never let anyone trespass my property, he told himself.
But she broke the giant structure with the flick of a feeble finger.
And the bricks melted. All at once.
She pulled him close to her. Oh no, he thought, my legs go weak again.
She kissed him full over the mouth. He gave a stunned frown.
"I am real, you can kiss me back", she said.
He hadn't heard it. He had already been torn apart.


  1. My fears have come true. Vampires are for real. ;)

  2. We really must officially introduce micro stories to the world, plus the awards and are sure to get one..dammit! too good!

  3. Yes..really torn apart
    Your best one !