Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Copyrighted Conversation

"Full is my heart;
Half is my heart
In pockets n pieces
Is torn my heart
Where the eagles dare
Is his nightmare."

“Here i am to hold you tight
To hold your pieces in the rain
So that when the sun is back
You find yourself again.”

“Twish is typing-
the story of my life-
he is writing the story of my life-
O Twish! What is it?
That lies in the next line?
For I can't see,
over your shoulders
my pages
my destiny
In your trembling hands-
neurotic despairs-
you write you tear-“

“I am not dictating
I am not inside the story
I will observe, and watch the star
And just record every thing.”

“You are my scientist, my astronomer.”

“And you're my telescope's focus.”

“But you know what your name means?

“Worse than that, my dear
It's twilight, not light
It's the beginning of the night
The end of the bright.”

you never twinke, is it?”

“No, Never a little bit.
I am the ‘dying light’,
Don't you get it?

“No, no
Not dying light
Only the beginning of the night
And nights can be beautiful
Don’t you ever see it?
Its when people get back home
It’s when lovers make love
It’s when darkness falls.”

“It's the red light in the evening
In Sanskrit
But, it's the dull pink hue
In reality.”

It makes others look more beautiful
kone dekha aalo’"

“Okay, besh bhalo
your optimism
Or whatever, I dunno.”

Courtesy: Thinking Beans


  1. Very cool...I enjoyed this...cleverly written! Jenn.

  2. w-o-w..this is good stuff..i like how it goes, i like the flow..i like it a lot!