Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Delayed Disclaimer

This is necessary.
Every post on this page, since the 31st of May, 2010, is fiction.
Not the type of fiction that is inspired from real life, you have to trust me blindly on that. It's the type of fiction that has been formed in the mind (not always mine), before I found how my AND other people around me might relate to it, if they wished. There's always a big obstacle preventing us to do so.
I have violated people's privacy before. I don't regret it or apologise for it. That was me. And this is me, albeit grown up. I don't need to "vent out" on my blog. I have other means of ventilation. More secure and permanent than a webpage.


  1. Who cares? Seems like bull to me.

  2. Ok. It's fiction. And its awesome.

  3. Sayak. Shut up. Your mood off ka tenure is over. Now, it's my turn to be so.