Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13th January 2010

It has been a long time, that the idea of a new blog, has been invading my thoughts. It's not that I had a lack of reasons, till now. It's just that, I needed the final trigger, the one-push. And that happened last night. I was too drunk to type, and too drunk to think of any new name other than So Sick, so I didn't. This is not a new start or anything. This is not symbolic of anything. In fact, this isn't about any definite change. The previous blog had just become too much to me, you know; like I fought with people for that blog! It was more than a literary dump-zone. It was my emotions on that page, and I hate the very concept of emotions! I was getting too involved with it; it was more than just a page, it was a medium of communication: with someone I ought not communicate to, not anymore. So before it's too late, before I got irreversibly attached to a page, I had to sever the relation, and erase all it's memories. I hope I will rant less in this blog. Let's, what next?

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