Friday, January 15, 2010

15th January 2010

Time: 5:50am. I'll be leaving for Delhi within a couple of hours. And, all I feel is the cold draught coming through the window of my room. I opened it to see the change in the colour of the sky. I didn't sleep all night, so that I can sleep on the train: I'm scared that I will be bored, though I'm carrying a book to rescue me in case of emergencies. A new way of life, boredom, a new feeling, an accessory to "single-hood". I got a few calls around midnight, people asking me if I'm all packed and ready, and if I'm excited about the whole rush-trip. To both questions, my answer was NO. Delhi, has somehow, played an important role, always. Delhi brings about changes. To start with, Sritama, a person whom I talked to textually once a week, while she was in my neighborhood, became a regular tele-friend, after she went to Delhi. That was followed by the Sayak-Disha episode, which coincided with the movie "Love AajKaal" not just chronologically, but also, eventually! Then, I went to Delhi, against my wishes, with two friends, and came back to witness the most-awaited change of my life. Then, the "change" went to Delhi. And I, the person, changed after that. All I can hope for is that this sudden, uninformed of, unplanned tour (My mum still doesn't know about it) will bring about a change again. Whether it's a positive change, or a negative change, I don't care. I want to test myself. My Pride Versus My Promise (Yeah, Linkin Park, I know) Someone accused me last evening of not having clarity of thoughts, when I blog. Given my previous blog's last few posts, she was right. But, then, that's why I was typing away on my key-board. Because I needed clarity. If I had clarity, I wouldn't bother to blog, in the first place! This blog is suppposed to have a new approach to this new way of things. And I hope, Delhi will help me to bring that about. Should I write down all that happened in the last few hours? What will be the new approach all about, then? For that matter, I had started a new approach a month ago. Subtracting a person from my regular life. Should I continue with that, or start something even more different? Dad's up. He's asking me to get ready. Bye. See you soon, life! ESCAPE!

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