Sunday, January 24, 2010

17th January - Night

Wasted a lot of precious time today, deciding what to do, and where to go. Sritama might freak out, but I'm sure she'll understand that I mean her no offence: a lot of time would be saved today, if I didn't have to be with her. I mean MY time. I don't regret being with her though. We went to Old Delhi. I wanted to cover it all today, but thanks to the combined delays caused by Sritama and Tubla-Da (who said "Wait for 2 minutes", and came after 20 mintues), I couldn't even finish the Red Fort!There was too much fog, too soon, and we had to wrap up the entire the fort-complex, in evening light, in half an hour. There were some funny pictures taken, which, if seen in future, will make both Sritama and me laugh a lot. So, I guess it's compensated. :) Now, the Red Fort. When I saw it for the first time, during my previous visit, I was awed by its size being exactly "as huge as shown in the movies". I wasn't lucky enough that day; so I couldn't enter the fort. this time, I had bright sunny pictures of the interior in my mind. What I saw were dark, foggy monuments. Foggy monuments, yeah: the Mughal architecture have a lot of open-air halls. And the mist was visibly moving in and out through the pillars. My cell's 2 mega-pixel camera could hardly penetrate the fog. I've gotta wait for Sritama to mail me the pictures she took with her camera. Did the fog destroy my expectations? 50:50. I'd come to Delhi to see this very fog, so I can't complain, if one thing I wanted is "over-shadowed" (literally) by the other thing I wanted, and got! Coming back to North DU campus again, I met Joshi, and Tubla Da (again). I know how nasty I'm gonna sound, but Joshi is nothing more than good "friend material". Sritama, don't take offence, because friendship in its entirety still doesn't exist for me. Joshi, with his wit, and flexibility, and calm demeanor, fulfils the 3 most necessary requirements. He doesn't fulfil the fourth, requirement, which is equally necessary. I won't write it down. People whom I call friends, can guess. Tubla-Da, well, we share the same blood, and the same vices. Dunnno about the opposites yet. He has better socialising and vocabulary skills than me. My cousin-cum-neighbour here, yet, I really got to know the person, after meeting him some thousands of kilometres away from home! He had a lot of fun with Sritama, each taunting each other at every opportunity. Joshi & Tubla Da discovered common friends too: they're both in the same department of the university (Law Fac) Now, tomorrow is Agra day. I have to wake up real early, so I had to refuse Tubla Da a booze-party at my place at night. And he's joining his new job tomorrow night, so we won't be able to do it this time. Off to bed!

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