Monday, June 7, 2010

Coincidence of Mind & Location, Together.

6th June 2010
I was thinking of calling my mother up, on my own, for a change.
The dust storm less than a couple of hours ago, had made me have pity for those who can't have clear vision without glasses (spectatcles or lenses). I didn't update it on Facebook, for fear of offending a few people. But then, I did feel pity.
In my younger days, I used to consider the spectacles an object of great fashion and fascination. I used to take my myopic Mum's specs and wear them, and see myself in the mirror. And Mum used to say, that if I wish to have glasses, my vision will deteriorate soon, and I would be forced to wear glasses. And then, I would realise how painful they can be; then I'll realise how inconvenient they are, actually.
Years later, when one of my bespectacled friend had mentioned to me how he couldn't go out with his bike in the rain, even though he longed to, I had appreciated my mother's words.
And yesterday, when the dust storm hit the auto I was travelling in, when I was running across the E. M. Bypass with the rain pouring down in torrents, I appreciated my mother's words, once again.
I was glad that I had clear vision, without any aid. I wanted to call Mum up.
A couple of hours later I saw two people conversing on Facebook, and was surprised.
A couple of hours ago, we were thinking the same things. With our different points of view, of course. The clear view, and the blurred view.


  1. The soap is getting exciting. :)

  2. I wear glasses..and now they are a part of me..yes, during rains, I take special care not to spoil them and remove them (that is the real reason, in case you are wondering)..

    but coincidences..i like them :P ..and there is something called baader meinhof..check it out!

  3. Sayak, *Sala! :D*
    Shreeja, yeah, I checked it. It's somewhat, a "highly meaningful coincidence". Thanks for both, the new term, and the "real reason". I need to talk to you about it some time.