Friday, June 25, 2010

There's a difference, though.

There is a difference, though.
I am the dumb-founded kid, once again.
The kid who was disobedient, whose parents had to be called because he won't listen to the basic rules of the school, like closing hands while praying, or NOT playing music on the desk, when the teacher is teaching. And then, when he lost, in his battle against rules, he observed silence, for days, not responding to anyone, or anything. He didn't have any friends, seriously.
Till, everything changed.
I can't attribute it to love. I'd lose all that I've built for myself, if I surrendered to love.
I'd lose all my friends, and all my family.
One more mocking-me-at-the-moment-read, Growing Up, and not growing up.
What dumb-founded me, was the rules, that some people, by virtue of authority/age/experience/education, set for others.
What still dumb-founds me, is the definitions of the un-defined words, that we all claim to know, and expect others to know, as well.
I am narrow-minded too, I realise that.
So, I'll shut up.
Once again.


  1. But you are not making any rules and you are not narrow minded- you just observed what is crystal clear.

  2. we will always have rules..and we will break them..we will define things, because we find it easier that way..the unknown is always a scary aspect and it is in our nature to put a name to anything we don't understand to make ourselves feel that we be in that position of power, even though it is a false position..