Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Metaphorical Dialogue

Part I
A: Every song ends. But is that reason enough, not to listen to music?
B: No, it is not, for the song ends only in the dimension of time; in the metaphysical dimension of the mind, it plays on.

Part II
A: But, even in the mind, over time, don't new songs overlap old songs?
B: Yeah, they get overlapped. They don't vanish. They often surface up, when you're not listening to music.

Part III
A: But, doesn't memory have a capacity?
B: No.


  1. first things first!

    nice revamp..Like :)

    and..interesting conversation..and I feel you are B..tell me if i am right..

  2. oh..and I have some theories (Actually just one, for my one track mind) for the metaphor..BUT, I shy of public humiliation with my theories :P :P

  3. I am both, trust me. Its inspired by a comment-dialogue I witnessed on Facebook. Both A and B are me.
    And please, I want you to give me your analysis here. I mean, why else did I not explain the metaphor myself? I want to see what ELSE people think of it.

  4. umm, okay..So, I see this as something that exists everywhere and is true for a lot of things..the first thing that comes to my head is love..and well, relationships end..but that shouldn't mean we should stop believing in love..Personally, I believe in love, so I see it like that..anyway..getting back, if you look at it, relationships overlap sometimes..we look for certain things which we cherished in the past..a something that we thought was special..we want it again..and again..then we form new relationships..but our past experiences are still a part of us..they help us and guide us..and the last bit, I don't agree with..memory is a strange stores what you want it to, and rejects what you don't..

    PS- love, I talk of in general..same for relationships..

  5. Do you really believe that the memory discards things that it rejects? Doesn't everything remain somewhere in a Restricted Section of the library that is brain? I dunno. All are theories. :)

  6. they remain in the restricted section/ unconscious..true..but repressed emotions don't work directly..ever..and some things definitely get erased..theories, yes :)