Saturday, June 5, 2010

Raajneeti: an analysis

This is the review that got approved by IMDB. My first comment on IMDB, in fact.
Here, I've pasted it, with the typographical errors omitted.

The movie is three hours and ten minutes long, yet the screenplay is SO engaging, that I didn't realize the time, unless I looked at my cell.
The movie has a huge number of characters, some of who have more screen space than the protagonist himself (played by Ranbir Kapoor). Yet, each character is very well-defined, and I couldn't find a single role that could have been done without. The story is long, but given the nature of the film, it was necessary to go into the intricacies and detailing of people, places and situations. If the movie was shorter, I'd find it abrupt. Katrina Kaif did't suit the role she was supposed to play, from her very fist scene. Arjun Rampal and Manoj Bajpai were good. Ajay Devgan didn't have to act; his personality suited the character he was playing, perfectly. Naseeruddin Shah plays a middle-class communist, who has the least screen space, but his character kick-starts the story. Nana Patekar's character is the best; he plays an uncle to the family, who gets involved in everything, but manages to remain stoic. Therefore, we see the story unfolding, through his eyes. The best thing about the movie is that it made me think. What is "Raajneeti"? What is politics? It's not about a few people trying to rule and work for the millions. It's a battle amongst the few people themselves. Ego, ambition, revenge: these ruin lives. Not politics. But then, who defines? Maybe, THAT is politics. Stay out of it.


  1. Yes, finally watched the movie..I liked the movie..But then I found certain weak parts..I agree about Katrina..I didn't like her much in the character..Ranbir Kapoor, wow..That is one actor, who I think, has grown from the Saawariya days! Nana Patekar, usual..Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpai and Ajay Devgn, all good..However, the mother's role ((I don't know who played her)) started off as a powerful character but got lost somewhere..And even in the Karna-Kunti like bit, the entire Sooraj-Mother conversation came across as a not-so-well-scripted part..

    The story was, inspite of all this, gripping, and in bits gory and had me cringing!

    Stay out of it, it is-Raajneeti

  2. You are right about he mother part. They could have explored her role more. Maybe, that's Mr. Jha's interpretation of Kunti's character. Maybe.