Monday, May 31, 2010

Any Similarities? Purely Intentional.

A, B, and C.

A: Damn, I want a boy-friend.
B: Okay, you’ll have one.
A: Oh no, please, don’t try those escorts for me.
B: No, I’ll find you someone who really loves you.
A: No, you can’t. Get me Z instead.
B: But I can’t talk to him. Can I?
A: Of course not. Forget it.
B: No, I’ve vowed to give you everything you want. I will. I’ll gift you a boy-friend this birthday.
A: You’re not talking to Z. And you’re not asking anyone to pretend to love me.
B: I’ll talk to Z. But, not as me, myself. I’m an expert at that, you know.
A: What will you do? Please don’t create another mess.
B: Let’s see what I can do. But I’ll give you what you want. This very birthday of yours.
A: My birthday is one whole month away.
B: And I’ve already started planning, if you don’t know.
A: Oh my god, I don’t want anything from you, please.
B: Okay, I won’t give you anything. Your boy-friend will.
A: Huh! What do you think of yourself?
B: Good enough to give you what you want. You’ll have a boy-friend this birthday.
A: Shut up. Forget it.
B: Okay!
C walked behind the two of them. Quietly. Listening. And witnessing.
A did have a boy-friend that birthday. He was B’s classmate.
Purely coincidental.

No apologies. This was too good, not to be posted.


  1. phew! you should have criticised me. i deserve "galagali" for this.

  2. it is hard to understand out of context >.<

  3. A little help here. I am "B". "C" is our mutual best friend.