Monday, May 31, 2010

Cogito Ergo Sum

As if we haven't had enough. As if we haven't.
Every couple you meet on the streets have their share of problems.
"His parents won't allow."
"She doesn't give me my space."
"He doesn't allow me to talk to guys."
"Her caste is different."
"He still loves his ex."
"She has different dreams."
"He wants to stay here. I want to go abroad."
"I love him too much. He/She doesn't love him that much!"
"We fight too much. We won't be happy together."
If love is universal, maybe so are the problems in love? Show me one couple wherein none of the two have any issues(=problems).
Yet, people adjust. People accept. Even if they think, that they don't, actually they do. A little bit of protesting, and whining, a few sleepless nights or anger and tears. Oh, that's so human. But, we all resign to fate, eventually. We "go with the flow". We do very little to go against the flow. We do very little to fight back what we think is our so-called fate.
Few, do. We put them up on pedestals of "true love", and be satisfied with the explanations that they were probably stronger. Or worse, they had less to worry about, probably.
What does it take to believe that there's nothing called pre-destined? I want it, I'll go and grab it. I don't care if my hands start bleeding in the effort. I will NOT take that as an omen, that maybe, it isn't meant for me. Chuck them. Elders, yeah, they'll say that they've witnessed more sunrises, and more sunsets than us. But, at the end of the day, they are not in our shoes. Any two people can't have similar stories. Even if they do, why should I care to believe it and resign myself to the story?
To all my juniors, I'm sorry I ever told you that you were on the wrong path. I'm sorry I ever told anyone that he/she had more to learn, more to understand. Sorry to all those whom I called immature, from my own narrow perspective. Go ahead, prove it that you're on the right. Don';t blame anyone, please. Because my elders will scold me, if you do so. And I'm myself on a journey of "prove-myself-against-everyone". So, do the same, and encourage me further.
I think, therefore I am. You think, therefore you are.
Don't ever let someone else do the thinking for you.
You are as good as you think you are. 100% percent.


  1. I've not misused the phrase "Cogito Ergo Sum". My explanation is in keeping with the explanation of Descartes. Just a step further, maybe. There are always two or more meanings to every word in every language.

  2. What new about this? Anything other than my usually-propagated gyaan?

  3. hmmm, interesting..but I still am a believer in fate, destiny..though I don't know if I have a reason for that..